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Office staff Doreen, Jack, Dot.

Doreen Watkins, Jack Rowe and Dot Jenner early 1950’s

Office Staff & Factory Staff 1951, Frank Daley, Doreen Kelle

1951 Frank Daly, Doreen Keller,Mr Henry,Russell Murray,John H, ?, Erick and Charlie Nagle & Jock H

Boiler room Digging Bunker oil tank pit, Bruno Lubinski, Spei

1954 Bruno Lobuskowski, Andy and Speiros Bourdis preparing for heavy oil tank instillation.

Billy Travasaross

1954 Johnny Travasaross riding bike into work.

Cheese cutting & packaging Doreen Lafferty 1980

1980 Doreen Lafferty cutting cheese


Margaret in the Lab.

1980 Ron Chambers, bulk milk collection

1989 tebel cheddaring ta550

Cheese maker Graham Cook

Milk Packaging Room Damian in 1981

1981 Damon Russell

Office Staff Sheena Andersons 18th birthday

little Sheena Anderson, is now a mother of 4 who lives in France

Milk Pasturiser operator 1980

1980 Ian Moreland at Cheese pasteuriser panel.

Milk Packaging room Milk Carton 2 lt Pure Pak machine Ray Lin

Ray Lindner working 2 litre carton machine

Trevor Newton990

Trevor Newton Chief Engeneer

Cheese Packing room Colin Duel fitter 1991Shop Girls583